Get Me Out of This Financial Desert

cow in desert
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You know that feeling when your mouth is supper dry, all the way to your throat? Even without touching your lips you feel the dryness of them. You crave… water. Well we all come across that feeling. While we may  experience the feeling of dehydration we also experience something similar, being curious. Just as we have that desire for the wet and  smooth liquid to quench our thirst we also desire powerful and resourceful knowledge to fill our curiosity .


Today’s spell that we will tackle is money, and why we need it. Or better yet moolah and what significance it holds to our life.

While moolah is  popularly glamorized by the ‘ballers and shot callers’ you may see on the television screen. What you may not know is, that money is not easy to come by, and unfortunately it does not grow on trees. Also, while obtaining a large amount of money may be appealing, it  requires much more concentration and restraint to keep that money.

So, first, we tackle the what… Money, defined by Thomas Jefferson, is Time. So we can equate time to be an investment or even patience, since earning money and saving is both something you have to invest in and be patient for.  So in defining what money is and how we are to use it as instrument, we must understand how to invest that instrument. Just as we study upon to how to play the piano or be good at a sport. We must also study in being strong in our financial wellness.

How we use money, can be best defined by what you prioritize and value most in life. First understanding who you are and what your purpose is. This can also be defined in setting goals. Erica Swallow from BBVA Compass, goes over some imperative steps to take in setting your financial goals.

After defining your goals, we then should take into consideration; what is your source of income. How do you make that money? How do you satisfy the goals that you set, and how do you keep a steadiness to that moolah without getting to that desert stage, where you are left looking like a cow in a desert. A great way to avoid the “desert” is by investing your money. Which can be done by either investing in yourself by creating a savings account or by investing into someone else, in stocks or investments. If you would like to learn how to purchase stocks, check out this guide from The Wall Street Journal.

After, defining what money is, setting your personal goals, and learning how to invest your moolah do you feel more comfortable in your financial journey? Well don’t get to comfortable. Never stop investing in yourself and learning how to create a better quality for your life and life for people around you.

Her Names Not Money but She Wants Change.

Tierra marketing at SXSW event for WF Photo taken by Brand Ambassador

Tierra Cole, is a student at Texas State University. While studying Electronic Media, she has been a member of the University dance team, the prestigious Texas State Strutters, and has also been an ambassador for the University. While education is number 1, Tierra also is a part time lead teller at Wells Fargo in Dripping Springs, Texas. Tierra has been with Wells Fargo for one year and seven months. In her time there she is an active volunteer for Wells Fargos’ Community Outreach Events.

While being an active volunteer, Tierra noticed a need for  financial wellness and ultimately financial freedom in her community. The community being, millenialas, and specifically minorities in America. For millennials, many of them not being informed about the resources that are available to them or why they need the resources.

MoMoolah is a blog based website, that will carry informative resources to help young adults with achieving their financial freedom. Tierras’ blogs will touch on the new digital tools that are introduced to the market, along with some helpful blogs that will touch on credit, and budgeting.

Ultimately MoMoolah, is for anyone. Anyone can get lost on their journey to financial freedom. MoMoolah is here to help you find your way there!

My Interview W/ Branch Manager

This video is an interview filmed and edited by Tierra Cole of Branch Manager Rhiannon F, from Wells Fargo in Dripping Springs.

During This interview I ask Rhiannon a series of questions Including…

  • What her passions are
  • Why banking is important
  • How banking pertains to financial wellness
  • How banking is evolving
  • funny customer interactions in her career
  • What she loves about being a manage
  • Advice on choosing a career in finance.

So far, for Moolah

Screen Shot of Stats from Tierras Phone
My favorite tools on WordPress so far have been , the ability to add  caption on the the uploaded photo, and custimize the page with different font and style option. The tool that I used the least was probably the theme. While I found it a very helpful tool in the begining, once I found my theme I was set, and didn’t need to go back. I would love to include an interactive widget in the blog, where my users could input their goals and track their progress. Learning wordress was definitely a great experiece. I plan on doing a few more blog post and playing around a bit more so I can get more familiar with it. I think this is a wondeful tool to connect with my peers and give people diffrent resources. I could definitely use wordpress as a refrence for potential emplyers, to look at my diffrent platforms, so they know what I am passionate about. Also this is a great tool for them to see my written communication skills.
My most popular week was the 3rd week of July, on the 20th I recieved 9 views on one of my blogs and 28 visitors. My most popular blog is Her Names not Money but she Wants Change, with 9 views for that post. From that week i recieved a total of 24 views. I think the “Her Names Not Money but she wants Change”, was the most popular because it is an about me page, so my peers can see if their intreasted in following the blog or not. I was pleased to find that their were 28 views, however I am not sure how that pertains to my visitors, if its the same or not. On my Refer tab , Twitter is said to have brought 14 of my views, which makes up half of my total voews , so thats huge.

This is really fun, and I am so glad to have had the oppertunity to learn how to use wordpress in Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media.

Don’t let the Loan, make you Groan

Tina Belcher in car Source Bobs Burgers

What is a loan, why is a loan, where is a loan. Its loan season, and if you dont have your raincoat or umbrealla you’ll be flooded with them. A loan is a debt supplied either by an organization i.e. a bank or a person i.e. ya mammy. Loans are typically used for education, homes, businesses, and consolidation.

While I cant give you a first hand experience about how I have paid off my loans, I can give you some outlets from research for people who have. Since I am still in college right now, ill talk about student loans first.

Ariel signs a contract Source The Little Mermaid

Have you ever seen the Disney animated film, The Little Mermaid? Do you remember the scene where Ariel signs over her voice to Ursela in order to recieve legs so she could meet Prince Eric. Well the picture you see above of that scene, thats basically every student that has to get a loan. Just as Ariel had to sacrifice something that was valuble to her, her voice, we also must sacrifice something valuble to us, ” our time, and oppertunities” when we obtain student loans.

In the first TED Talk, Tiffany Mincey talks about her journey of takling her debt and the sacrifices she has had to make in order to be debt free at 25. After her first year getting her loan, she immediately started making small payments towards it while she was in College. Then after graduating she moved back home, so she could save the money she would have used towards rent to pay off her loan. She said, she had many oppertunities to travel with friends, but she would turn them away because she knew how important paying off her loan was for.  After watching her video I felt so inspired, and definitely will take some of her tips into consideration when it comes time to takle my loan.

The second Ted Talk I watched was about Adam Baker and his wife, and their journey to financial freedom. Adam first talked about the story of how he and his wife discussed freedom. It was coincidentally after they brought their newborn child home. They discovered that with the debt they had from student loans, their engagement, and starting their family they were up to 18k in debt and concluded that was not the vision they wanted for themselves. So they took a look around and planned to sell everything they possesed down to 2 backpacks. Once they did that, they were able to pay off that debt and decided to leave the U.S. for Australia to backpack for a year. When they came back from there hiatous, Adam talked about how refreshed they were and how they redefined their freedom. I thought this video was great, as it showed another way to sacrifice. While in the first video Tiffany sacrifices time and opportunity, this family sacrificed their possesions.

Ultimately what I have found in combination of these two videos, is that sacrifice is always the inevitable when dealing with our loans. What we have the freedom to choose, is what we sacrifice and how much of it we choose to give. While what we sacrifice depends on where we are in life, we should never define who we are by what we are tied to. Your weight is your weight, but through time and perserverance the anchor can be released. So dont give up, and keep hanging on.

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Its Your Lucky Day


…It may look like ‘less’ now, but its MORE you shall know.


Money does not grow on trees, but if you look in the right places; you may find it in, some abnormal spaces.

You might find it over here or you might find it over there. You might even find it in your under ware.

You might find it on the ground where your standing or your walking. It could brighten your day, and make you smile when your talking.

It might make you think, if its your lucky day. Because while its only a penny, with a couple more cents, your on your way.

By: Tierra Cole

Isn’t it fun to save, if you want to learn more about how to start, check out this guide, written by Joshua Becker on becomingminimalist.






How to Use Automatic Savings Accounts & Apps Review

For MoMoolah, I will be reviewing and discussing tools for financial freedom. In researching similar blogs, I found Money Crashers to be a great resource for those who want to read about money management and financial planning tools. In one of the recent blog post for Money Crashers “How to Use Automatic Savings Accounts & Apps to Build Wealth With Less Stress“, Amy Livingston talks about resources to use for saving money and the benefit it provides for setting up an automatic savings plan.

cow bank
Cow “Piggy” Bank. Source: Amazon, Money Banks

I especially liked how first, Amy broke down for her readers , why having a savings account is beneficial and then she provided her resources and the tools that would be the most useful. She wrote on the importance of paying yourself forward. Providing helpful explanations on how it is an advantage to keep your money separate where it is out of sight out of mind. Then going on to say how it breaks the ” living from pay check to pay check mentality’ and how it is an effortless process to help you in achieving your goals.

Livingston then breaks down for her readers how to set up a savings account, for those who are new to banking or would prefer to do online banking she gives different outlet resources.After giving steps to set up a savings account, she also list the best apps for setting up automatic savings plans such as Bank of America, Qaital, Chime, Dobot, and Acorns. She even list some investment apps that can direct people who want to grow their money.

This blog is important for anyone is struggling with saving money, or would learn how to save more money. I cant wait to check out more of  money crashers info on finance. I will post more soon!


P.S. Check out these cool piggy banks on